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WrestleMania 37 (Night 2) Live Coverage – Part 7

Roman Reigns defeats Edge and Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 37

This is part 7 of our WrestleMania 37 live coverage (part 6 is here).

WrestleMania 37 hosts Hulk Hogan & Titus O’Neil come out next to thank the fans at Raymond James Stadium.

Bayley interrupted them and demanded to get a pyro and she gets it. Bayley then disrespects everyone and WWE Hall Of Famers The Bella Twins come out.

Bayley says that John Cena isn’t here and Nikki Bella slaps the mic out of Bayley’s hand and lays her out with a forearm shot. Brie Bella then sends Bayley’s face into her knee.

The Bellas then celebrated with Hogan & Titus.

Up next is the main event of the evening, and it is a Triple Threat Match for the Universal Championship!

Daniel Bryan makes his way out first, followed by Men’s Royal Rumble 2021 winner Edge, and then the Universal Champion, “The Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns.

Edge got HUGE pyro in his entrance and a massive response from the fans. Reigns got huge pyro as well, as well as a special 8K video entrance.

This is Roman Reigns’ 5th WrestleMania main event.

The match begins and Reigns goes straight after Bryan and Edge goes after Reigns.

Jey Uso is already getting involved in the match as it’s No DQ and he lays out both Bryan and Edge.

Reigns is now clearing the announce table and Uso is bringing Edge, but Bryan hits Roman with a Suicide Dive.

Edge sends Uso into the steel ring steps. Edge now turns his attention towards Reigns and sends him into the barricade multiple times.

Edge DDTs Uso on top of the steel ring steps! Referees and medical officers are now checking on Jey, and they take him backstage.

Edge and Bryan are going at it in the ring now. Bryan sends Edge face-first into the turnbuckle and hits the Yes Kicks.

Bryan sends Roman face-first on the ring apron and hits Edge with a missile dropkick from the top rope.

Bryan goes for a Suicide Dive on Reigns, but Reigns catches him and hits him with a Belly to Belly Overhead Suplex on the floor! Edge then takes out Reigns with a Baseball Slide.

Action returns to the ring and Reigns takes down Edge with big Clothesline. Reigns goes for the Superman Punches, but Edge counters and hits his vintage DDT.

Edge goes for the Spear, but Reigns delivers the Superman Punch. Reigns goes for the Spear, but Edge counters with a Sunset Flip and goes for the cover, but Reigns kicks out.

Reigns and Edge delivers Spears to each other at the same time and both of them are down!

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