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WWE Addresses The Situation Of Brock Lesnar Not Being Around For A Money In The Bank Cash-In

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• Chelsea Green Talks About Her ‘Laurel Van Ness’ Character

During a recent appearance on Women’s Pro Wrestling Weekly, Chelsea Green explained her ‘Laurel Van Ness’ character. Below is what she said:

“I started on Impact Wrestling as just a typical mean girl, Regina George [character in Mean Girls movie] knockoff. I was bored with it. I feel like that is what every girl falls into when they are trying to be a heel girl character. I just find it overdone, and unless you can do it really well it becomes overdone. They kind of threw me a bone when they gave me a storyline with Allie and husband Braxton Sutter where I was able to get married.

As we were planning this marriage segment and I am going to be left at the altar, I thought to myself, okay, how can I make this as dramatic as possible and make this as different and ridiculous. At this stage, nobody is talking about my character. Nobody is talking about a girl that is a typical blonde, mean girl that is on television. That is just not something people care about. When we got into doing the segment on television, I was the most dramatic human on the planet. I would stay crying. I would drink champagne. I would throw flowers around, and when I got into the back when the segment was done, Dutch [Mantell] was there saying, ‘oh my gosh, that was absolutely brilliant!’. ‘We need to film something, anything, where you are continuing on this mental breakdown.’ That is what it looks like you are doing in the ring, you are having a mental breakdown.

So, we sat down in the makeup room and I sat on the floor and he told me to smear my lipstick, and I said that it isn’t going to work because my lips are my skin color so it’s not going to work. He told me to put on red lipstick, but I told him that during the scene I didn’t have red lipstick on, he said to me to put it on and smear it. He then told me to wet my face a little so my makeup can be smeared. He said to act crazy and sing a song and do something crazy. I am sitting there with makeup smeared, sitting on the ground with no shoes on. Being an absolute nutcase. I am not joking, I didn’t think that it was ever going to be used, but all of it aired and it was one of the most-watched segments of that year. From there, we just carried on the craziness.”

Below are some Instagram photos of Chelsea Green:



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• WWE Addresses The Situation Of Brock Lesnar Not Being Around For A Money In The Bank Cash-In

Since the Money In The Bank winner can only cash-in on the World Champion of his own brand, Braun Strowman can only cash-in on the Universal Champion and the current Universal Champion is Brock Lesnar, who doesn’t appear a lot on WWE programming. Lesnar’s last WWE appearance was back in April at the Greatest Royal Rumble event.

WWE addressed the situation of Lesnar not being around much for Strowman to try to cash-in the Money In The Bank contract and below is what they posted:

Does The Monster in the Bank have a plan for Brock Lesnar?

“As frightening as it is to write, Braun Strowman is now The Monster in the Bank after steamrolling seven of Raw and SmackDown LIVE’s best in Sunday’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match to get these hands on the coveted contract.

Now that Strowman has a guaranteed World Title match anytime he wants within the next year, has there ever been a more dangerous threat to reigning Universal Champion Brock Lesnar? For that matter, considering that The Beast is often criticized for not making enough appearances on Monday Night Raw, when and where will The Monster Among Men choose to strike? Does Strowman have a plan to conquer The Conqueror? Regardless, Lesnar will need to be looking over both shoulders at all times from now on.”

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