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WWE Doing A Big “Gimmick vs. Gimmick” Match At Survivor Series 2017? Kane vs. The Undertaker – Hell in a Cell Match (Video)

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– During a recent edition of Vince Russo’s “The Brand” podcast, Russo talked about Bray Wyatt – Sister Abigail segment from this week’s episode of Raw along with co-host Jeff Lane. They talked about the possibility of Sister Abigail vs. The Demon King match at Survivor Series 2017:

Russo: “We saw Bray with this ‘she never lied to me’ which was a good little mystery.”

Jeff: “There’s a rumor out there that he is going to pull a Finn Bálor, a.k.a The Demon King, and wrestle like he looked like when they changed his image in that vignette there and wrestle as Sister Abigail.”

Russo: “Yeah exactly you kind of saw him morph into Sister Abigail. Can I ask you a question? They can’t come up with anything for Bray Wyatt. They’re gonna come up with something for freakin’ Sister Abigail? Probably they couldn’t come up with anything for Mother Teresa for crying out loud. You know what? Bray’s a talented guy and I’m eager to see this. It gives him a little meat on the bone. Let’s see if he can pull off this Sister out. I believe that’s where they are going because he was morphing into something, they’re playing off the demon. I like that Bray’s doing that because Bray’s talented.”

Jeff: “You know, where they are going, I see this if this is the case, it’s gonna be Sister Abigail versus The Demon King. Okay so, then Bray will win this one and then it’s Survivor Series which is the next pay-per-view will get Sister Abigail versus The Demon carrying this thing on for like four or five months.”

In case you didn’t know, current plan is for Finn Balor to face the “Sister Abigail” version of Bray Wyatt at TLC 2017 PPV.

– You can watch the complete Hell in a Cell match between Kane and The Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Championship from 2010 below:

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