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WWE Has Big Plans For SmackDown Live Star, Only Two TNA Originals Left In Impact Wrestling, Elias Comments On Working With Roman Reigns

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• Elias Comments On Working With Roman Reigns

During a recent appearance on the Steve Austin Show podcast, Raw wrestler had the following to regarding work a match with current Intercontinental Champion “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns:

“He’s in the position that he is in for a reason. The fans, I understand their reaction for him, but they are reacting for him, big time everytime he goes out there for him.

He is the big dog and I felt that way when I was in the ring with him. He is cool to work with; smooth, and he isn’t panicked or rushing over anything. You just feel it as soon as you get in there. Together, our styles came together nicely I thought.

I don’t get nervous facing him, but I do understand what is going on; they are giving me 20 minutes with their main guy, but also, I have been thinking about this my whole life. I have been wanting this my whole life, and been wanting this spot my whole life, so to me it’s just time to do this.

I don’t mean to come off sounding like a big shot, but it’s the truth. I have been watching wrestling since I was a kid, and have wanted to wrestle at WrestleMania in big matches, so I don’t think nervous is the word, but I am definitely excited about what is going on.”

• Only Two TNA Originals Left In Impact Wrestling

After former TNA World Heavyweight Champion James Storm finished up with Impact Wrestling this week, only two TNA Originals are left in the company – Jeremy Borash & Abyss (Abyss didn’t appear on the first few shows, but he was around for those tapings).

• WWE Has Big Plans For SmackDown Live Star

Zack Ryder posted a video on Twitter where he talked about his US Title tournament match with his former tag team partner, Mojo Rawley. During the video, Ryder noted that WWE has big plans for Mojo.

You can watch the video below:

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