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WWE Booking Top Star As “Old Veteran”

John Cena US Champion

John Cena as the United States Champion

WWE has been portraying John Cena as the “old man veteran” as of late . Many poeple backstage within the WWE feel that the idea is terrible. One person within the WWE staff labelled that idea as “shockingly bad” due to Cena’s gimmick.

The idea behind this move is to do something similar to what Bruno Sammartino did in the late 1970s. He continues to be the most popular guy while the main focus is to put young talent over, like Bruno did to Bob Backlund back in the day.

One of the problems pointed out by officials is that Cena is the top merchandise seller for the company, and his fan-base comprises mostly of children and women. Also, he’s only 37 years old but can pass as several years younger.

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