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WWE Creative Against The Idea Of John Cena Going Over Kevin Owens At Money In The Bank 2015

According to latest reports, WWE creative team is against the idea of a typical John Cena win-loss series of events at Money in the Bank 2015. This means that since John Cena put over Kevin Owens at Elimination Chamber, Owens will have to lose to Cena the next time, which is at Money in the Bank 2015.

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WWE creative team members feel that doing the standard thing isn’t the right way to book Cena-Owens II. There’s no information available at the moment on how Vince McMahon reacted to this as he has the final say on all the things.

There have been some talks of putting the WWE United States Title on the line in their rematch since John Cena said on Raw that he wanted to hand over the US Title to Owens after his loss at Elimination Chamber.

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