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WWE Crown Jewel 2019 (Live Coverage & Results) – Part 4

This is part 4 of our WWE Crown Jewel 2019 live coverage (part 3 is here).

Up next is a singles match. Cesaro makes his way out first, followed by Saudi Arabia’s own – Mansoor (from NXT).

Mansoor won the largest Battle Royal in WWE history at WWE Super Show Down earlier this year.

After back & forth action, Mansoor hits a Moonsault on Cesaro to pick up the win. He’s over with his hometown crowd.

Mansoor def. Cesaro

We get a commercial for Survivor Series 2019 and NXT is also going to be a part of this PPV.

Up next is Braun Strowman vs. Tyson Fury. Strowman makes his way out first. Out next is Fury and he is sporting a Saudi outfit and gets a ton of pyro!

Below is the tale of the tape for this match:

Tyson Fury Braun Strowman Tale Of The Tape - WWE Crown Jewel 2019

The match begins and the two lock up. Fury delivers some shots to Strowman’s stomach.

Fury hits a shoulder tackle, but Strowman takes down Fury with a big boot! Strowman comes running in the corner, but goes shoulder-first into the ring post.

Strowman goes for a shoulder tackle outside the ring, but Fury hits a Drive By from the apron!

Strowman goes for the Powerslam in the ring, but Fury gets out of Strowman’s grip and delivers a Big Boot!

Strowman takes down Fury with a shot to the chest. Fury does a sit-up like The Undertaker, but Strowman kicks him down again.

Strowman slams Fury down on the mat after this. Fury goes out of the ring and Strowman takes him down with a Shoulder Tackle, and then does it one more time!

Strowman is entering the ring, but Fury punches Strowman and Strowman falls down outside the ring and Strowman gets counted out!

Tyson Fury def. Braun Strowman via Count-Out

Fury is celebrating his win, but Strowman enters the ring and lays out Fury with a Powerslam!

It’s good to see that Strowman didn’t get pinned and got protected despite losing.

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