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WWE Diva Planning To Return At ‘WWE Evolution’

Maria Kanellis WWE Evolution 2018 PPV

• Rumor Killer On Major Hulk Hogan SummerSlam 2018 Plan

There’s a rumor going on that we’re going to see a Triple Threat match at SummerSlam 2018 for the Universal Championship between Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns & Bobby Lashley.

While this could very well happen, it is also being rumored that recently reinstated WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan will be the special guest enforcer for this match and that Lashley will win this match to become the new Universal Champion and this will lead to Hogan raising the hand of the first-ever black Universal Champion.

While this would sound as a good plan to many, but the possibility of this scenario happening is very little.

Also, we would like to clear it up that this isn’t even a rumor, it is something that Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin “feels” we’re going to get:

So this plan isn’t something that was discussed at one point or something that WWE still plans to do. It was just something that a guy felt could happen and multiple sites began reporting as an actual rumor/report.

• WWE Diva Planning To Return At ‘WWE Evolution’

Maria Kanellis hasn’t been seen in a WWE ring since becoming pregnant in September last year. Mike Kanellis was also taken off TV after his wife became pregnant. He usually worked house shows and WWE Main Event tapings (he was last seen on PPV at the Greatest Royal Rumble).

Maria gave birth to her daughter in April this year and she’s ready for a return now. She will be reporting to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida next week.

She congratulated the women of WWE following the announcement of the all-women’s PPV and posted the following:

“To all the amazing women, I worked with during my first run in WWE, this is what we fought so hard for. As did, the women before me and the current roster. No one knows or understands the difficulties of each generation of women in wrestling. No generation was more talented than another, each had their talents, but each one had a certain goal. Respect. That goal comes closer and closer to being realized. It’s an Evolution not a generation that has defined the Women Superstars of today. I am proud of all the women past and present that brought us here today. “#evolution #diva #superstar #wwe”

When asked if she would be able to return in time for it, she said that she is ready to return now and will be heading to the Performance Center next week.

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