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WWE Fan Goes To Jail For 10 Days After Night of Champions 2015 Incident

As we saw at Night of Champions 2015, a fan entered the ring prior to the 6 man tag team match and stood along with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns.

Bray Wyatt jokingly asked Reigns & Ambrose that “is he your mystery partner?”. The fan was quickly tackled by the security and taken out of the ring.

WWE issued the following statement regarding this incident:
“WWE takes the safety of our performers very seriously and any fan entering the ring area will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”
According to latest reports from Wrestling Observer, that fan is serving ten days in jail for jumping the barricade and entering the ring at Night of Champions 2015.

These fan incidents have increased a lot as of late. A fan attacked Roman Reigns with a Money in the Bank replica briefcase at a WWE Live Event (click here to watch), a fan jumping the barricade to attack Dean Ambrose at a SmackDown taping, and a fan walking on the ramp along with Rollins on Raw. These “fans” have targeted all 3 of the former Shield members.

Talking about Night of Champions 2015, Sting got injured during the main event when WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins delivered a running powerbomb to the turnbuckle. It was speculated that Sting suffered a serious neck injury. According to latest reports, Sting underwent medical testing and the result shows that his neck is not broken. But this injury might not turn out to be good for his WWE career. Click here to read more on Sting’s WWE career possibly coming to an end.

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You can watch the fan entering the ring at Night of Champions 2015 from a different angle below:

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