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WWE Files Trademarks For WCW And ECW PPVs, Reby Hardy Takes A Shot At How WWE Is Treating Matt Hardy

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• Old School Puroresu Legend Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WCW Veteran & Puroresu (Japanese Wrestling) Legend Último Dragón turns 53 today.

Despite being a Japanese Wrestler, Último Dragón wrestles a Mexican lucha libre style, which he learned during his time in Mexico.

Most Old School fans here in the United States remember him from his time in Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling, where he was a part of the cruiserweight division from 1996 till 1998.


• WWE Files Trademarks For WCW And ECW PPVs

According to PWInsider, WWE applied for trademark for the following old PPV names:

– Fully Loaded

– Living Dangerously

– Heat Wave

– Anarchy Rulz

– World War 3

– Chi-Town Rumble

– Sin

– Souled Out

– New Blood Rising

– Hog Wild

– Capital Combat

– Road Wild

– Greed

– Uncensored

– Spring Stampede

– The Day Of

– Mayhem

– Beach Blast

– Massacre on 34th Street

– Hardcore Heaven

WWE went on this trademark spree after Cody Rhodes trademarked the following names for use in AEW:

– Bash At The Beach

– Slamboree

– SuperBrawl

WATCH: Kelly Kelly Nip-Slip:

• Reby Hardy Takes A Shot At How WWE Is Treating Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy tweeted the following after his loss to Drew McIntyre on this week’s RAW:

“I needed to return to WWE to finish in the right way. I didn’t want 2010 to be my finale. I returned in the most EPIC way & repaid my debt.

I waved the WWE flag with pride & worked hard to be a model employee. My conscience is clear & I am at peace.”

Reby Hardy, Matt’s wife, tweeted the following after this:

“Repaid your debt but they’ll still rub it in your face every chance they get ? that’s ok, we don’t pretend the less than perfect sh*t never happened here ☕️”

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