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WWE Had A Very Interesting Opponent For Brock Lesnar At Elimination Chamber 2024

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Brock Lesnar was originally scheduled to make his return to WWE programming during the 2024 Men’s Royal Rumble match.

However, he was pulled from the show after he was mentioned in the Vince McMahon lawsuit.

According to the Wrestling Observer, NXT star Bron Breakker (son of WWE Hall of Famer Rick Steiner) replaced Lesnar in the 30-man Royal Rumble:

“I think most people know this, but Brock Lesnar was scheduled to return to Rumble, and this was a change obviously that was made because of the lawsuits or the changes made probably Friday.

Friday, most likely perhaps Saturday morning, and Bron Breakker because of that, and the fact that the match was pretty much scripted out already.

Bron Breakker essentially fulfilled the Brock Lesnar role he came in when Brock Lesnar was gonna come in. He threw up the guys Brock Lesnar was gonna throw out. He got thrown out exactly how Brock Lesnar was [supposed to be eliminated].”

Breakker eliminated the following 4 men from the Rumble:

– Jimmy Uso

– Finn Balor

– Ivar

– Omos

After Breakker eliminated Omos, Dominik Mysterio took advantage of a distracted Breakker and eliminated him.

According to POSTWrestling, Lesnar was also scheduled to be eliminated by Dominik, which would’ve led to a match between The Beast and Dirty Dom at the Elimination Chamber 2024 premium live event in Australia next month.

This plan is most likely canceled as well.

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