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WWE Hall of Famer Arrested 3 Times This Year Already


As we noted yesterday, WWE Hall of Famer Sunny was arrested once again. TMZ is now reporting that Sunny has been arrested 3 time this year already! Below is what they posted:

“We’ve learned WWE Hall of Famer Sunny was arrested for DUI on two separate occasions before she was thrown in jail this week.

According to police record, 45-year-old Sunny was busted in New Jersey on January 23 around 8:53 PM. The incident is Sytch’s 4th DUI citation that we know of.

But Sytch got into more trouble on Feb. 2 … when she was involved in a car accident in NJ around 8:52 AM. Cops say she fled the scene — but was tracked down and later cited for DUI, as well as leaving the scene of an accident.

Her total DUI count at this point is 5 — with 3 DUI arrests in 2015 alone.

As we previously reported, Sytch is currently behind bars in New Jersey for other charges — which include being a fugitive of justice stemming from prior convictions.

FYI, Sytch’s rap sheet also includes 5 arrests from 2012 where she was busted for things like burglary and crimes related to domestic violence.”

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