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WWE Hall Of Famer Cried When Vince McMahon Split Up His Tag Team

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During a recent episode of his weekly ‘Oh! You Didn’t Know’ podcast, WWE Hall of Famer The Road Dogg Jesse James spoke about the famous Attitude Era and revealed that he cried when Vince McMahon decided to eventually split up The New Age Outlaws.

Here’s what the WWF Legend had to say about losing the Tag Team Titles in late 1998:

“This is the time where I literally went in and asked Vince to please not split us up because I don’t think I can do it without Billy. That’s just me being honest.

There might have been tears shed to be quite honest with you and when I say might have been, I mean, I cried. I want to be the first out of the curtain with the microphone, but hey, be right behind me. Be close.

That’s how I felt. I felt like I needed him and when I was told I wasn’t going to have him, it’s as simple as that. I was like, no. I need him. It scared the crap out of me.

That’s where I was at. It scared me to death that I was gonna have to do this on my own.

He tells me ‘You’re gonna be great. This is gonna be good for you and it’s gonna be good for Billy’. I knew it was gonna be good for Billy because I knew what they had in mind and I knew what he looked like.

I knew Billy was gonna do great, I knew Billy was gonna go on to do great things, and I didn’t have the same confidence in myself.

I think it turned out okay. I just didn’t see that happening. I’m a big future tripper. That means that you forecast fear onto future events, stuff that ain’t happened yet.

I didn’t know if I would succeed, if I would stand or fall as an individual talent, but I projected fear onto the future and said ‘Oh my God, I can’t do it alone’.”

After almost a year (1994) in Ted Turner’s WCW, Brian Armstrong joined the World Wrestling Federation in January 1995 as The Roadie, a sort of sidekick to ‘Double J’ Jeff Jarrett.

In 1996, he became known as ‘The Real Double J’ Jesse James Armstrong, after Jarrett had left the promotion and it was revealed on WWF TV that Armstrong was actually the true singer of the song ‘With My Baby Tonight’.

By late 1997, him and Billy Gunn formed The New Age Outlaws and they officially joined D-Generation X the night after WrestleMania XIV.

After being fired by the WWF in January 2001, Brian joined ‘Total Nonstop Action!’ (TNA) in September 2002 as B.G. James and wrestled for the (then) #2 promotion until early 2009.

The Road Dogg then returned to WWE in 2011 and has worked in several backstage positions ever since, but also returned to wrestle on WWE TV quite a few times since 2012.

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