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WWE Hall Of Famer Says Intergender Wrestling Can Work Under One Condition

Kurt Angle

• Old School Puroresu Legend Celebrates His Birthday

Old School Japanese Wrestling Legend Genichiro Tenryu (Real name: Genichiro Shimad) celebrates his 69th birthday today.

Most Old School WWF Fans will remember Tenryu as an entrant in both, the 1993 and the 1994 30-man Royal Rumble match.

He wrestled for 39 years, from his pro wrestling debut in 1976 until his official retirement in 2015.


• WWE Hall Of Famer Says Intergender Wrestling Can Work Under One Condition

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle took part in a Q&A session on Facebook and below are the highlights:

What’s different from the Kurt Angle back in the 90s and the Kurt Angle of today?

“When I started, I was a lot more diverse. I had more personality…many depths to my character. I was fun. I can do it again, but I need some good story lines to get me moving. I miss those days.”

What your favorite “when you are a heel” moment?

“When I got beat by Rey Mysterio and I said “I can’t believe a 12 year old just beat me”. I loved doing those heel segments.”

Have you ever played any of the video games you are in?

“I have, but not enough to get really good at it. It’s such an honor to have your likeness in a video game. It really is.”

Which has been your favourite Royal Rumble to be a part of?

“I never fared well at the Rumble. I defended 3 of my world titles at the Rumble though. HHH, Benoit and Henry. That’s what I did best at Royal Rumble. I defended World Titles.”

Who was your toughest opponent either amateur or professional?

“My toughest opponents were Leri Khebolov Olympic Champion from Russia and Abbas Jadidi World Champion from Iran. Doesn’t get tougher.”

Which former Diva do you miss the most?

“Chyna. I loved that woman. She was way ahead of her time. A real badass.”

What was your biggest mistake that actually helped your career?

“My biggest mistake that helped my career? When I got choked out by Taz at 2000 Rumble. Big mistake. BUT I claimed it was an illegal move and since it was illegal, I was still undefeated. It worked!!!! I got a lot of heat for it. Classic heel Angle..lol”

You’ve been in the ring with Steve Austin, Austin looked like he worked super stiff and literally beat the living hell out of people during his 2001 run, how hard on you did Austin really go in that ring or segments in general, will always remember when he cracked William Regal over the head with a led pipe in the parking lot in 2001 it looked like he assaulted Regal for real?

“Austin and I were both a bit stiff. He was so good at his craft. He was intense. I had to step up my game to match his intensity. I loved working with him. Reminded me of working with Benoit.”

With Nia Jax entering the Male Royal Rumble do you think that intergender matches are a good idea? I know it’s a little controversial.

“As long as a male doesn’t physically punch or kick a female. If it’s just wrestling then it can work. I love it.”

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