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WWE Hall Of Famer Says Ronda Rousey Is 100% Right

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On this day in 1999, the World Wrestling Federation aired another episode of their weekly TV show ‘WWF RAW IS WAR’.

It was broadcasted from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan and featured matches, interviews & storyline segments on the road to the ‘WWF In Your House 28: Backlash’ PPV.

Here’s the card:

1. Paul Wight vs. Christian

2. Billy Gunn vs. Val Venis

3. Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart vs. The Acolytes

4. WWF Intercontinental Title: The Godfather vs. Goldust

5. WWF Hardcore Title: Hardcore Holly vs. D-Lo Brown

6. WWF World Tag Titles: Kane & X-Pac vs. Test & Triple H

• WWE Hall Of Famer Says Ronda Rousey Is 100% Right

After calling WWE “fake fighting for fun”, UFC Hall of Famer & former RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey tweeted the following on Twitter after facing backlash from wrestling fans:

“Anyone who is outraged by me calling pro wrestling “fake fights for fun” has never been in a REAL fight.

While you all are tip toeing around bruising some pro wrestlers’ huge soft egos – no one is thinking about all the REAL fighters you’re insulting when pretending pro wrestling is somehow on the same level of realism.

Yes, I understand, wrestling 300 days a year for years on end is incredibly tough on the body and a difficult profession-but do you know what would happen if you got in 300 REAL fights in a year? You would be dead.”

During a recent edition of Busted Open Radio, WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry agreed with with Rousey said.

Below is what Henry said:

“She’s 100% right. And like I said that we should appreciate the essential workers? We should appreciate people like Ronda Rousey and Rob Gronkowski. All of the people that have come to WrestleMania that were not wrestlers.

Yes, you’re judged by different grade, but every now and then you get one or two or three people like Ronda Rousey and a Kurt Angle who come into the sport; and they’re so damn good, that what would it look like if they had been in forever?

What if in 1996 when I came into pro wrestling Kurt Angle came in? It would have been so good. But that’s not our reality.

Ronda Rousey? She did movies, she fought professionally for years since she was a teenager. She trained, and even before then she trained. Man…10 years old in judo! Like she spent her whole life in other entertainment all together.

And then she comes in to ours, and she’s in for maybe a year or two at the highest level? Then she drew better than everybody.”

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