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WWE Hall Of Famer Says That Goldberg “Learned A Lot From Bret Hart”

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During a recent interview with ‘Wrestle Binge’, 2017 WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long spoke about WCW Legend Bill Goldberg and the rumored retirement tour, that could take place later this year.

Here’s what Teddy had to say about Goldberg:

“Only thing I can say about Bill Goldberg is he’s just an outstanding guy. I mean, just as nice as anybody could ever be.

And I’ll always remember one time me and him were on a signing together. And he had this long line at his table.

He saw me and he got up and he left that line and came just to speak to me and hug me. Much respect for Bill Goldberg.

And, you know, like I said, there’s still money in him, I still believe in him. It’s just that what are you going to do with him?

If you’re going to use him right, then you’ll get the money out of him.

Bill is a guy that’s been around this business a long time. He listened, he learned a lot from Bret Hart by working with him for a while.

So I think if they could come up with something for Bill in AEW, I mean, I don’t know what he’s under contract to WWE or not.

Everybody’s got a price, man. So I think if they offer Bill the right money, he may make an appearance.

I mean, what does he got to lose? Why not?”

Goldberg’s first ever televised pro-wrestling match took place on the September 22nd 1997 episode of WCW Monday NITRO, where he defeated Hugh Morrus and eventually managed to accomplish a legendary 173-0 winning streak.

We reported that Bill Goldberg plans to do an independent retirement tour, as WWE might not bring him back for an official retirement match.

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