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WWE Hall Of Famer Says Vince McMahon Had A “Hard-On” For His Infamous Character

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During an interview with Chris Van Vliet, 2018 WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley explained what led to Vince McMahon coming up with the infamous 2002 Reverend D-Von character.

Here’s what the former 21-time Tag Team Champion said:

“There was talk about Vince having a hard-on, no pun intended, maybe I shouldn’t use that phrase for what I’m about to say. He had it in for the Catholic Church.

At the time, we had people picketing and protesting us. This was at a time when the church was having controversy within its own home, with priests, with little boys, and things like that.

So, there was always an issue, people were being hypocritical. We’re doing what we’re doing, and yet they’re doing what they’re doing and getting away with it for years.

Meanwhile, Vince was like ‘You want to chastise what we do in the ring?’.”

After the end of The Dudley Boyz, a legendary ECW/WWF/WWE/TNA Tag Team, in 2016, both members went their separate ways. While D-Von stayed with WWE behind the scenes, Bubba Ray returned to the independent scene (Ring of Honor, …) and IMPACT Wrestling to continue wrestling, using his former TNA gimmick ‘Bully Ray’.

D-Von worked for WWE – mostly as a backstage producer – until they parted ways in January 2023.

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