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WWE Hall of Famer To Return on Raw (Show Stacked Up With Big Names), Undertaker on Stone Cold Podcast Soon? Title Match Announced For Raw, Old School WWF Wrestler Passes Away

Let us take a look at the top 7 stories of the hour from the world of Professional Wrestling:

7. WWE Saving Big Match For Post-WrestleMania 32 Season, Bray Wyatt Working With A Back Injury
As we saw at WWE Roadblock, the advertised match between Brock Lesnar & Bray Wyatt didn’t happen. Instead, we got a 2 on 1 handicap match between Lesnar and the team of Luke Harper & Wyatt. Bray was hardly involved in the match and it was Harper taking the beating for his team.

The reason behind this was that Wyatt/Lesnar is a big match-up, originally planned for WrestleMania 32, and WWE officials didn’t want to throw it away at a house show/WWE Network special. Another reason for Wyatt not being involved is because he’s dealing with a back injury.

The feud between the Wyatt Family and Brock Lesnar is expected to take place this Summer.

6. Cesaro Gives An Update on His Injury & Return Time

During a recent interview with Sports 360, former United States Champion Cesaro, who is currently out of action with a shoulder injury, gave an update on his return. Below is what he said:

“According to the doctors, it’s probably going to be another two or three months. I hate to say it, but WrestleMania 32 is probably too soon. It’s like the worst time to be hurt, not that there’s a good time to be hurt, but it’s probably the worst time of the year to be hurt. Missing the Royal Rumble, missing WrestleMania, it’s our high season.”

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