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WWE Roadblock Results – Triple H vs. Dean Ambrose, Brock Lesnar vs. Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper

WWE Roadblock - Triple H vs. Dean Ambrose, Brock Lesnar vs. Bray Wyatt

Tonight’s special WWE Network special “WWE Roadblock” is airing live from Ricoh Colosseum in Toronto, Ontario. This event was previously billed as “March to WrestleMania”.

Below are the results from the show:

– WWE Tag Team Title Match: The New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston) def. The League of Nations (Sheamus & King Barrett) to retain the Titles.

– Chris Jericho def. Jack Swagger

– NXT Tag Team Title Match: The Revival def. Enzo & Cass to retain the Titles.

– WWE Divas Title Match: Charlotte def. Natalya to retain the Title.

Bray Wyatt vs. Brock Lesnar has been changed to a 2 on 1 Handicap match with Wyatt & Luke Harper taking on Lesnar.

– Brock Lesnar def. Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper: Bray didn’t even enter the match and Lesnar took Harper to Suplex City.

– Sami Zayn def. Stardust

It’s time for the WWE World Title main event. The 14 time WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H comes out to a great pop. Triple H is in great shape! Out comes Dean Ambrose to a big pop from the crowd in Toronto.

Triple H’s last World Title defence was 7 years ago.

Ambrose has locked in the Figure-4 leg lock on Triple H. But Hunter breaks the the hold with a series of punches. Ambrose now locks-in the Sharpshooter on The Game, who is in the middle of the ring and looks in trouble. Triple H manages to reach the bottom rope.

Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds and it’s a 3 count but the referee is now saying Ambrose’s feet were under the bottom rope.

Triple H looks to take advantage and goes for the pin but Ambrose kicks out. Ambrose mocks Triple H with “Suck It”. Ambrose goes for a flying elbow drop on the announce table but Triple H gets out of the way and Ambrose goes crashing down!

Ambrose gets into the ring and Triple H hits a Pedigree to get the win!

– WWE World Title Match: Triple H def. Dean Ambrose to retain the Title.

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