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WWE Has Changed Their Rule About Use Of Blood

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Below are a couple of top WWE & AEW news stories of the day, involving Becky Lynch and Kota Ibushi.

• Ever since they turned PG in 2008, WWE has been cautious about using blood, typically saving it for special events.

However, on this week’s RAW, WWE deliberately incorporated blood into Becky Lynch’s match against Nia Jax, drawing attention to it with terms like “blood bath”.

Becky Lynch bleeding from the mouth after loss to Nia Jax on WWE RAW Day 1 2024

This marks a departure from their previous stance, where blood was reserved for significant occasions, such as pay-per-view events featuring wrestlers like Brock Lesnar.

According to the Wrestling Observer, the deliberate use of blood and the promotion of it on regular TV suggests a change in WWE’s perspective on the role of blood on their programming:

“Not only did they do blood in this match and it was obviously not accidental blood but they called attention to it. They used the word ‘blood bath’ during this match.

For a long time they shied away from the blood. They would always do it on certain occasions, like a big pay-per-view match with Brock Lesnar or something but this was on TV and they did close ups of the blood and they talked about the blood. They changed their tune.”

• During Pro Wrestling NOAH’s New Year 2024 show, the main event featured a singles match between Naomichi Marufuji and Kota Ibushi. The match lasted over 30 minutes, with Ibushi ultimately winning.

However, some fans criticized the bout due to rough-looking spots, particularly when Ibushi attempted an outside moonsault and appeared to injure his ankle upon landing.

Sports Hochi reported that Ibushi suffered injuries to both ankles early in the match, leading to his collapse after the bout.

Despite making it to the backstage area on his own, an ambulance was called, and Ibushi was taken to a hospital in Tokyo for further evaluation.

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