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WWE Ignored Kevin Nash’s SummerSlam 2023 Offer

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On a recent episode of his weekly ‘Kliq this’ podcast, Old School WWF/WCW Legend Kevin Nash revealed that he offered to be the host for this year’s annual SummerSlam premium live event in Detroit, but was ignored by WWE.

Here’s what Big Daddy Cool had to say about wanting to host WWE SummerSlam 2023:

“I asked if I could be involved. Asked if I could be the master of ceremonies of SummerSlam. I asked. Deaf ears, baby.

Just being charming. Opening. I was hoping just something on the ramp. ‘Welcome to Detroit’.

I would have been great with a camera crew outside of Ford Field talking with the Detroit fans and the fans from around the world that came in.

Don’t know. Don’t know how much more time I can give them. I gave him a couple months.

I think that they think I probably would have just said ‘Nah’. But I would have actually done it because I was there.“

Kevin Nash was one of the biggest Superstars of the 90s and he wrestled for the World Wrestling Federation / WWE (1993-1996, 2002-2003 & 2011), Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling (1990-1993 & 1996-2001) and Dixie Carter’s Total Nonstop Action! (2004-2011).

He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015, and again in 2021 as part of the nWo, making him one of only a few 2-time WWE Hall of Famers.

Nash was born in Detroit, Michigan and as Diesel (1993-1996) he was also announced as being from the ‘Motor City’.

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