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WWE Interested In Former TNA Champion? Update On Asuka’s First Major Feud On Raw, Natalya Comments On Paige’s Return, Big Show Looking Great After Hip Surgery (Photo)

Big Show - WWE Champion

– During a recent interview with Planeta Wrestling, SmackDown Women’s Champion Natalya talked about WWE briging back the Women’s Championship last year, Paige’s return & more. Below are the highlights:

On the return of the Women’s Championship last year:
“When we got the new Women’s championship, I felt like this is part of my destiny. I grew up in this huge, incredible wrestling family, but I’ve never ridden on my family’s coattails. I’ve always fought very hard to have everything that I have on my own, and I’d feel like it would be a huge injustice to myself, to Nattie, to not say that I was once a Women’s Champion. So for me to be Women’s Champion now, it just feels like it’s destiny, and that it was meant to be and it was part of my wrestling journey. I really feel like it’s been one of those important things that was a life lesson to me about not giving up and persevering.”

On Paige’s return:
“I can’t wait for Paige to come back. I love wrestling Paige, she’s one of my favorite opponents. But if she thinks that she’s gonna take my SmackDown Women’s Championship, she’s got another thing coming. I’m gonna be the SmackDown Women’s Champion forever. I would love to dance again with Paige in the ring, but she’s definitely not taking my Championship.”

– As seen on this week’s episode of Raw, Emma won a Fatal 5 Way match to earn the right to face former NXT Women’s Champion Asuka at TLC 2017. It should be noted that Asuka facing Emma is just going to be a one time thing, where Asuka is going to destroy Emma.

Current plan is for Asuka’s first major feud on Raw to be with former 4 time Raw Women’s Champion, “The Boss” Sasha Banks.

– Word going on is that WWE officials are interested in signing for TNA Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne. According to PWInsider, she was at the WWE Performance Center this week. We’ll keep you updated on this.

– Former WWF Champion The Big Show recently underwent hip surgery. Below is what he tweeted as an update:

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