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WWE Interviewer Reacts To “Disgusting” Fans Making Fun Of Her Ethnicity

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• Old School NWA President Would Have Celebrated His Birthday

Today would have been the 66th birthday of Old School NWA President Dennis Coralluzzo.

Coralluzzo was the president & board member of the National Wrestling Alliance from 1993 till 1999.

He was seen on ECW TV in 1994, where he was interviewed after Shane Douglas threw down the NWA world Heavyweight Championship belt and rejected the title, but some WWF fans might also remember him from appearing on RAW IS WAR in 1998, where he presented the NWA North American Heavyweight Championship, a title that was won by “Double J” Jeff Jarrett a few minutes later.


• WWE Interviewer Reacts To “Disgusting” Fans Making Fun Of Her Ethnicity

WWE interviewer Kayla Braxton issued the following statement on Twitter regarding people making fun of her ethnicity:

“I was hesitant to write this but I’ve had enough. Some of you are extremely disappointing and quite honestly, disgusting. Many of you have personally attacked me on my ethnicity. And for no reason. For those who don’t know. I was raised in foster care. I never knew my father or anything about him.

Last year I did ancestry DNA and learned of my ethnic background and I have been transparent and shared that info with my followers in hopes to help others who have a similar background.

But I often see your comments — you know who you are — making fun of me for just now discovering I’m half black. Questioning it. You’ve called me ‘white bread’ ‘sticky white’, ‘mutt’, ‘mixed breed.’ You say I only claim my black side when it’s convenient to me…I AM PROUD OF EVERY PART OF ME.

But it’s clear you’re not proud of who you are. Those of you attacking anyone’s ethnicity should be ashamed of yourselves. Your parents should be ashamed of you. I am ashamed of you. Be better. Stop being ignorant.”

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