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Did WWE Invite Former UFC Fighter For WrestleMania?

Chael Sonnen UFC Fighter

Chael Sonnen

On TSN’s Off The Record, former UFC Fighter Chael Sonnen said that the WWE invited him to WrestleMania 31 weekend for a meeting. Apparently, another UFC Fighter Wanderlei Silva was also invited.

Sonnen didn’t reveal the reason for the meeting with WWE, but he’s getting a ticket for either WWE Hall of Fame or WrestleMania. There is no update on whether Silva accepted the invite or not.

It is worth noting that WWE will soon announce a partnership with MMA apparel company Tapout, so it would be interesting to see if Chael Sonnen is involved in some way or not.

A WWE representative issued the following statement today in response to a request for comment on the story:

“There has been no invitation from WWE for Chael Sonnen to attend WrestleMania.”

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