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WWE Is Moving Forward With An Old Brock Lesnar Storyline For Roman Reigns

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• WWE Is Moving Forward With An Old Brock Lesnar Storyline For Roman Reigns

In the last couple of months, Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns has been on a lighter WWE schedule.

He doesn’t appear on SmackDown every week and there’s a reason behind it.

The Tribal Chief appeared on The Today Show recently and revealed that he has a lighter schedule now so that he can spend time with his 5 kids (out of which there are 2 sets of twins) at home.

Below is what The Head Of The Table said:

“When you have that many kids, you really have to have a schedule and just try to get everything in line and you’re just kind of treating it like a business because there’s just so many of them and you have to try to delegate and give them all as much attention as possible.

So it’s been great, you know, my schedule shifted around a little bit so I have a lot more time at home now and I can feel that relationship strengthening and those bonds are getting better and better so it’s a very blessed situation.”

With that being said, WWE is now moving forward with an old Brock Lesnar storyline for Roman, now that he’s on somewhat of a part-time schedule.

A few years back, when Lesnar held the Universal Title for over 500 days, wrestlers began calling him out for keeping the Title hostage and not showing up to work, which helped in them getting stronger babyface reactions from the crowd.

Now, WWE is doing the same with Reigns, as Drew McIntyre (who is scheduled to challenge Roman for the Undisputed Title at Clash At The Castle) recently called out Roman for keeping the Titles hostage.

This was done to get the fans on McIntyre’s side, as he plans to finally have his big moment in front of the fans next month, by winning the Undisputed Championship.

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• Old School WWF Celebrity Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF Celebrity Butterbean (Real name: Eric Esch) celebrates his 56th birthday today.

Butterbean appeared on 2 separate World Wrestling Federation events, first at “WWF In Your House 19: D-Generation X” in 1997, where he defeated Marc Mero in a worked Boxing match and then in 1999 at WrestleMania XV, where Butterbean knocked out Brawl For All winner Bart Gunn in a legitimate Boxing match.

Eric Esch wasn’t just a professional boxer (wins-losses-draws: 77-10-4) but also tried himself in professional Kickboxing (3-4) and Mixed Martial Arts (17-10-1).


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