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WWE Loses $50 Million Due To Ongoing Controversy With Hulk Hogan, Erased From WWE Studios As Well?

On Friday, WWE lost $50 million on the stock market due to the ongoing controversy with Hulk Hogan.

Shares of WWE plummeted almost 4%, to $16.60. Before to the incident, WWE’s shares increased 14%, making shareholders $160 million.

According to latest reports, Hulk Hogna is being erased from WWE Studios as well. WWE is thinking about erasing Hogan’s scene in their upcoming project “Celebrity Death Pool”. Hogan appears during the beginning of the movie and WWE is thinking about filming his part again with some other actor. If they decide to re-shoot it, it would cost a lot more money.

Fred “Tugboat” Ottman had the following to say about Hulk Hogan:
“Hulk is just awesome. For me coming into there (WWF) and them to give me a gimmick (Tugboat) and say we decided we are going to put you with the Hulk. I was nervous, putting me with him is like the Midas touch. Tagging with him and even when I turned on him, it got me over better as a heel when I turned on the Hulkster. He was always a gentleman and great to work with and it was incredible.

We shared many adventures on the road. I see him occasionally now when he trains over at (Bushwacker) Luke’s gym in Clearwater. He is a super guy and it was an honor to be able to work with him and work against him.”

Due to the current Hulk Hogan situation, USA Network has pulled replays of WWE Tough Enough featuring Hulk Hogan.

Below is a video of Vince McMahon dropping the N-Bomb at WWE Survivor Series 2005 (Parental Advisory: Contains Explicit Language):

Vince Drops The N-BombVince McMahon drops the N-Bomb !!!(WWE Survivor Series 2005 PPV)Parental Advisory: Contains Explicit LanguageWarning: Do NOT watch if you are easily offendedThis Video Upload has been requested by several of our Fans last night, so please don’t feel compelled to complain about it. Don’t Like it? Don’t Watch.#StandUpForHulkT

Posted by WWF Old School on Saturday, July 25, 2015


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