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WWE Not Addressing Greatest Royal Rumble Controversy On RAW?

Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns - Greatest Royal Rumble (Universal Championship Match)

• The Undertaker Makes History With His Recent Victories

With his WrestleMania 34 win over John Cena, The Undertaker made history as that was his record 100th PPV win, according to WWE.

After defeating Rusev in a Casket match yesterday at the Greatest Royal Rumble, The Undertaker took his WWF/E PPV wins tally to 101.

Expect The Phenom to break even more records as he isn’t done yet!

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• WWE Not Addressing Greatest Royal Rumble Controversy On RAW?

As we noted before, “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns was technically the man who won the steel cage match at the Greatest Royal Rumble as his feet touched the floor first, while Lesnar’s feet were still up on the cage wall.

Below is the proof:

As seen in the above video, Michael Cole himself said that the rule is that the man whose feet touches the floor first is the winner, but it looks like WWE isn’t considering that anymore and stated on their website that Lesnar’s body hit the floor first and that’s why he was declared the winner.

Below is what WWE posted:

Brock Lesnar bests Roman Reigns in controversial Steel Cage Match

“Jeddah, Saudi Arabia became Suplex City at the Greatest Royal Rumble event, but despite The Beast Incarnate’s dominant showing against The Big Dog, his victory in the night’s Steel Cage Match came with no small amount of controversy.

When Reigns Speared Lesnar through the Steel Cage wall, it was The Beast who technically hit the ground — and therefore escaped the structure — first. As such, Lesnar was declared the winner and Reigns was, once again, turned back by The Conqueror.

However, that’s all in the past for Reigns, who needs to look ahead to his impending one-on-one battle with Samoa Joe next Sunday at WWE Backlash. How will he bounce back from his painful defeat and prepare for The Samoan Submission Machine?”

It looks like WWE won’t be addressing the actual controversy (Reigns losing despite his feet hitting the floor first) and will be moving forward with the story of Lesnar defeating Reigns at two PPVs in a row.

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