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WWE NXT Planning To Wipe Out The Indy Scene?

Kevin Steen as ROH World Champion

Kevin Owens

According to reports, the NXT talents are very excited on the news of NXT possibly touring cities outside of Orlando.

The recent NXT events in Ohio were said to be very successful, and got a tremendous reaction from both the fans and the talent. There is some speculation going on that NXT might debut at the old ECW arena in Philadelphia sometime.

It’s believed that if WWE decided to move forward in this direction, then it might end up hurting the local indy promotions, just like WWF impacting the territories back in the 80s.

In a related news, Uhaa Nation is finally headed to NXT after confirming the signing in a post-match Dragon Gate promo on March 1st. Nation lost a Loser Leaves PCW Match for Preston City Wrestling recently.

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