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WWE Officials Don’t Have Any Storyline For Raw Tag Team, WWF Veteran Says Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega Is Like A Perfect Storm, Says This Match Is Bigger Than A WrestleMania Match

Bubba Ray Dudley - Bully Ray

• WWF Veteran Says Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega Is Like A Perfect Storm, Says This Match Is Bigger Than A WrestleMania Match

Old School WWF Veteran Bubba Ray Dudley had the following to say regarding the Chris Jericho – Kenny Omega match at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 12:

“Jericho is a….he is as close to a modern-day wrestling….. I’ll throw out the word “genius”. And I don’t say genius in the same way that I call Paul Heyman a genius, but Jericho is a genius at constant reinvention whether he’s reinventing himself with his band Fozzy, whether he’s reinventing himself in the wrestling world.

This move now Jericho versus Omega at Wrestle Kingdom, its immense. Because you’re gonna be able to witness a match with no restrictions and no handcuffs. If this was done at WrestleMania, as much leeway as Jericho would have, there would still be parameters. Now there are no parameters.

Omega and Jericho are going to be able to go out there and tell any story that they want to tell. There’s an old saying in boxing it’s called – styles make a fight. Same thing in pro wrestling – styles make a match. You have two styles here. Not that Chris can’t do the Kenny style, Chris can do the Kenny style, but Chris is not gonna do 60 minutes of the Kenny style. Nor will Kenny do the 60 minutes of the Chris style.

You’re gonna get the nice mixture of both worlds here. You’re gonna get great storytelling and a great wrestling match complete with just enough of the stuff that you know and love from Kenny Omega. This is like a perfect storm here. This could be the match.

You see Okada and Omega, it was just the same gear for the whole time. You’re gonna see shift in gears in this match. You’re gonna see a story told. You’re gonna see things happen and then they go back to them 20 minutes later. This is gonna be different. This is gonna be interesting. Very rarely am I super excited to see a match unfold. This one has my attention.

I’m not gonna tell you I saw it coming, but I saw it coming. Because I mean… I’m just knowing how Chris operates. Chris is very smart. To be able to make it in Pro Wrestling for as long as a Jericho has been successful, you have to be a really smart chess player and wrestling is chess.

You have to know when to move your pawn. You have to know when to move your Queen. But the most important thing you need in chess and in wrestling is patience. You set up your board and then you allow the game to play out. Chris did a phenomenal job setting up the board on social media.

He set up his board so well that everybody thought he was trying to get the match for the cruise and just when you think you have it all figured out he looks at you and he goes – Checkmate! And you look down at the board and go – Holy crap! How did he do that?

This match is bigger than a WrestleMania match.

I believe his last match outside the WWE was in WCW. Not only is this a great move on Chris’s part on his own just for keeping himself out there and everybody’s gonna be buzzing about this. They’re buzzing now and they’re gonna be buzzing afterwards because they’re gonna have a really strong match based on great storytelling.

Storytelling will be the foundation of that match. That match will not be about moves. There will be a lot of cool moves in that match, but the foundation of the match will be storytelling and when I say the foundation of the match being storytelling, here’s my perfect example: Flair-Steamboat.

There’s your perfect foundation and then they will build on that because all great wrestling matches are built on the foundation of storytelling.”

• OLD SCHOOL VIDEO HISTORY (January 3, 1984) – Hogan In Bob Backlund’s corner

On this day in 1984, “The Incredible” Hulk Hogan, who had just returned to the WWF from the AWA, suprised everyone by being in the corner of former WWF World Heavyweight Champion Bob Backlund in his match against Wild Samoan Samu (later known as Headshrinker Samu).

• WWE Officials Don’t Have Any Storyline For Raw Tag Team

Former two time NXT Tag Team Champions The Revival returned to WWE programming on the December 18th edition of Raw last year and went on to defeat the former SmackDown Tag Team Champions Rhyno & Heath Slater.

They then worked a WWE Main Event episode and defeated the team of Titus O’Neil & Apollo Crews. They haven’t been seen on WWE programming since.

Word going on is that WWE officials don’t have any storyline for The Revival as of now.

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