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WWE Officials Have Revealed CM Punk’s Status To Top Talent

CM Punk Survivor Series 2012

Some fans are still hoping for CM Punk to return to WWE at this Saturday’s Survivor Series 2023 premium live event in Chicago.

They are hoping that Punk ends up being the man Shinsuke Nakamura has been calling out for a while now. Prior to this week’s RAW, they were hoping that Punk would be the 5th man in Cody Rhodes’ WarGames team.

According to Fightful Select, WWE’s stance on Punk hasn’t changed and he won’t be returning at Survivor Series.

As a matter of fact, WWE revealed Randy Orton as the 5th member of Cody’s team ahead of time to make sure the fans in Chicago don’t think Punk would end up coming out as the 5th member.

In an update from Fightful, WWE’s Chief Content Officer Triple H has said internally that fans are finding things that aren’t there in regards to Punk’s potential return:

“I asked the same thing when I spoke to a higher up. My exact quote was ‘unrealistic expectations are set because of the references on WWE TV, whether there’s plausible deniability or not’.

I was told that those talent (making CM Punk references) are not clearing those lines. It is worth noting that the references on commentary completely stopped after WWE Fastlane. Nakamura did occasionally use the GTS.

Triple H had told some in the company that fans were finding things that weren’t there.”

Also, WWE Officials have outright told top talent that Punk isn’t returning to the company at Survivor Series 2023:

“Top talent were outright told that CM Punk wasn’t coming in for Survivor Series when they asked.

This includes talent that are at the level and in situations where it wouldn’t make sense to lie to them and wouldn’t be beneficial to a great locker room.”

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