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WWE Planning Another Big Moment For Tonight’s Steel Cage Match Between Big Show & Braun Strowman?

Big Show - WWE Champion

As we have noted before, former WWF Champion The Big Show will face the #1 contender for the Universal Championship, Braun Strowman, in a Steel Cage match in the main event of tonight’s episode of Raw.

The last time these two giants faced each other, the ring exploded when Strowman superplexed Big Show and this gave Strowman a much needed momentum heading into his PPV bout with Roman Reigns.

WWE officials might try to do something similar on tonight’s episode of Raw, possibly breaking one of the sides of the Steel Cage, and give Strowman a huge momentum heading into the biggest match of his career, against Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at No Mercy 2017.

Just like the ring implosion has been done multiple times, a side of the Steel Cage breaking down has been done before as well and you can watch it below:

Below is what WWE posted about the Big Show – Braun Strowman match:

“Universal Champion Brock Lesnar might want to take Braun Strowman to Suplex City at WWE No Mercy on Sept. 24, but first, as first reported by Cathy Kelley in a WWE.com Exclusive video, The Monster Among Men will climb into a steel cage with Big Show, live on Raw.

When Strowman and the giant last collided one-on-one, the juggernauts caused the ring to collapse under their combined weight after a massive superplex by The Gift of Destruction. We can only imagine what kind of havoc they will unleash on each other — and their surroundings — when they enter the unforgiving steel.

One can only hope that the structure is reinforced for what should be a brutal confrontation. Can Big Show end Strowman’s seemingly unstoppable rampage, or will The Monster Among Men send a grisly message to The Beast Incarnate, who will no doubt be paying close attention to the carnage?”

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