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WWE Planning Major Things For SmackDown’s Debut On FOX

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On this day in 1997, Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling aired another LIVE episode of their weekly TV show ‘WCW MONDAY NITRO’.

It was broadcasted from the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada and featured matches & storyline segments on the road to the ‘WCW Bash at the Beach 1997 PPV.

The card can be found here:

– Chris Jericho vs. Juventud Guerrera

– Eddy Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko

– Steven Regal vs. Hector Garza

– Psychosis vs. Super Calo

– Ric Flair, Chris Benoit & Steve McMichael vs. Buff Bagwell, Scott Norton & Masahiro Chono

– High Voltage vs. Mortis & Wrath

– Jeff Jarrett vs. Konnan

– Kevin Nash vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.

– Scott Hall, Kevin Nash & Randy Savage vs. The Giant, Diamond Dallas Page & Lex Luger

• WWE Planning Major Things For SmackDown’s Debut On FOX

WWE’s SmackDown will be moving to the FOX Network is October and WWE officials are planning some big things for SmackDown’s debut on FOX.

Joe Peisich released the following information on Barnburner Radio Network about WWE’s plans for SmackDown’s debut on FOX:

“WWE is sort of pushing a panic button and trying to call former guys, new guys, whatever — they’re trying everything here.

I have also heard that for the first SmackDown on FOX in LA, they’re trying to get The Rock (who hasn’t appeared on WWE TV in over 3 years), they are trying to get [Mr. Money In The Bank] Brock Lesnar, they are trying to get Ric Flair into it.”

As we noted before, there’s a possibility of Lesnar cashing-in his Money In The Bank contract during SmackDown’s debut episode on FOX (tap here to know more).

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