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WWE Possibly Doing A Romantic Storyline Between Raw Wrestlers, Natalya On Locker Room’s Reaction To Ronda Rousey Debuting In WWE

Ronda Rousey

• Natalya On Locker Room’s Reaction To Ronda Rousey Debuting In WWE

During a recent interview with TV Insider, Natalya talked about Ronda Rousey signing with WWE and how the women’s locker room feels about Ronda.

Below are the highlights:

On if WWE debuted Ronda Rousey the right way:

“My husband, Tyson, is a producer at WWE, and we always have friendly exchanges of our opinions driving in our car from town to town. Was it the right way to debut her? Should she have debuted the next night on Raw or at WrestleMania? It’s hard to know what the answer is.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for Ronda as an athlete. To me, just seeing her backstage as a friend, I picked her up off the ground when I saw her. It’s not my place to say if it was right or wrong. The other girls and I, we all have our own opinions. We can speak our minds. It’s a free country. For me, more than anything, I was just happy to see my friend.”

On locker room’s attitude towards Ronda:

“I think Ronda is going to be an excellent fit in WWE. She has a great attitude. She wants to be part of this company. She wants to get to know the girls. She has a tremendous respect for the history of our company. I think she definitely brings attention to the company in a lot of ways.

I’ll tell you one thing, because I am in the women’s locker room. There is nothing but respect towards Ronda, no matter how anyone felt about how they debuted her. I think we are all excited about having her there, because there are so many possibilities of what we can do with her. We are all wondering if she is going to be on Raw or SmackDown. I really want to work with her, because I know we would tear it up.”

• WWE Possibly Doing A Romantic Storyline Between Raw Wrestlers

There’s speculation going on that WWE is planning to do a romantic storyline between Raw wrestlers Goldust & Mandy Rose (of Absolution). Goldust & Mandy are also partners on the WWE Mixed Match Challenge and will face the team of Naomi & SmackDown Tag Team Champion Jimmy Uso on this week’s Mixed Match Challenge.

Below are some videos of them together:

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