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WWE Raw (December 28, 2015) | Live Coverage & Results

Roman Reigns, Mr.McMahon & John Cena - WWE Raw 2015

Tonight’s edition of WWE Raw is airing live from Brooklyn and is the final Raw of 2015.

Mr.McMahon open tonight’s Raw and gets straight to business, and calls out the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns. Reigns comes out through the crowd, posing with his Title.

McMahon talks about Reigns beating down Triple H. McMahon messes up his lines and says you incapacitated my “brother-in-law”.

Crowd starts chanting for Daniel Bryan & CM Punk, and Vince tells them to shut up.

Roman pushes Vince & he falls down and says he hurt his neck. Stephanie McMahon comes out and tells the officers to arrest Reigns. Officers tell Stephanie to calm down or she’s going to jail. Vince fires back at the officers and officers threatens Vince that he’ll go to jail. Vince puts his hands on the officer and the officers tells the security to arrest Vince. Vince is arrested and taken out of the arena.

Neville def. Kevin Owens: Owens gets pinned by Neville in 20 seconds and Owens has lost it. Owens lays out Neville after the match.

Owens hits a vicious clothesline outside the ring and continues the attack, but Dean Ambrose makes the save and Owens retreats.

Sasha Banks def. Becky Lynch: Multiple interference from Team BAD.

WWE shows Mr.McMahon’s mugshot:

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