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WWE Raw: November 30, 2015 – 2 Names Return, Demon Returns After Raw, New Stable, Top Stars Laid Out, New Title Match For TLC Added, Another Heel Turn?

This week’s WWE Raw was way better than last week’s post-Survivor Series 2015 edition of Raw. Let us take a look at 9 major things that happened on the show:

9. Lana Returns to WWE TV
Lana finally made her return to WWE Programming on this week’s Raw and the duo of Lana & Rusev has been reunited. You can watch Lana & Rusev making out on MizTV below:

Former Intercontinental Champion Ryback interrupted them on Miz TV and said that word on the street is Ziggler went all the way with Lana! Rusev & Ryback faced off in a match and Ryback picked up the win via count-out as Lana was knocked down at ringside when her thigh collided with the steel ring steps.

Rusev decided to leave the match and check on her.

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