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WWE Reinstates Kevin Nash’s Legends Deal

Kevin Nash in WCW

Kevin Nash

After the charges against Kevin Nash were dropped, WWE has reinstated Nash’s Legends Deal, as they promised. WWE issued the following statement regarding Nash’s WWE status:

Now that Kevin Nash’s legal matter has been resolved with all charges being dropped, his “legends” contract has been immediately reinstated.

This means that WWE might go with their earlier plan, the nWo reunion on next week’s Raw Reunion special which will include Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Scott Hall & Shawn Micheals. The WWE however never promoted Hogan, Nash & Hall to appear as nWo on WWE TV before the incident with Nash happened. So it will be interesting to see nWo make yet another surprise reunion.

This is the current graphic that WWE is promoting for next week’s Monday Night Raw :

WWE Raw Reunion

Raw Reunion

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