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Alexis Lete, who joined WWE in August 2022 but never appeared on TV, has confirmed that she got released from the company in September 2023.

On her YouTube channel, Lete expressed that while she enjoyed her time at WWE and felt a sense of belonging among the “misfits”, she realized wrestling might not be for her.

She shared her hesitation about the physical demands of wrestling, expressing admiration for the toughness of WWE athletes.

Lete attempted to pitch hosting ideas instead of wrestling but was advised to focus on wrestling to keep her job. Despite coming close to debuting on NXT TV in a talking role, she was eventually pushed to wrestle, leading her to dedicate time to becoming a pro wrestler.

Alexis Lete Leaves Released From WWE NXT

Lete revealed sustaining a concussion during an untelevised match but was discouraged from reporting it. She described feeling off after the incident but was advised by a colleague not to disclose the injury unless it was severe, as it’s part of the job.

This experience, coupled with her discomfort with the physical toll of wrestling, prompted her to question whether the industry was a good fit for her.

Ultimately, Lete made the decision to quit WWE, expressing concerns about risking her physical and mental health for entertainment.

She mentioned helping others during her time at WWE and had made peace with leaving the company shortly before receiving the official release notice.

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