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WWE Screws Their Wrestlers Over WrestleMania Paydays, Says Former Intercontinental Champion Ryback

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• Old School Wrestling Manager Celebrates His Birthday

Old School Wrestling Manager “The Sinister Minister” James Vandenberg aka “Father” James Mitchell celebrates his 55th birthday today.

During his career Mitchell worked for several promotions, such as World Championship Wrestling (1997-1999), Extreme Championship Wrestling (2000-2001) and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (2002-2008 & 2017).

He’s the former manager of well known Wrestlers like Wrath, Mortis, Tajiri, Mikey Whipwreck and Abyss.


• WWE Screws Their Wrestlers Over WrestleMania Paydays, Says Former Intercontinental Champion Ryback

During a recent edition of Conversations With The Big Guy podcast, former Intercontinental Champion Ryback talked about WWE screwing their wrestlers over WrestleMania paydays.

Below is what Ryback said:

“Well you want to be on the main show. I don’t know what the payouts are [now], but obviously guys now are making more downsides than any period in recent history. It definitely plays a part.

That WrestleMania payday is the best payday of the year, but in my time there, we got f*cked over quite a bit. My first one with Mark [Henry] was decent. It was my best singles payout that I had ever gotten which was still way under than it probably should have been from what other guys in that position in years past probably made.

They put me in the pre-shows for the other four or whatever else that I did, and they knew that drove me crazy. Those payouts sucked. That’s being honest.

One of my lowest payouts of the year was WrestleMania [30] New Orleans where we did the tag match with Swagger and Cesaro, The Usos, Primo and Epico and me and Axel that four-way tag. That was no joke one of my lowest payouts of the year pay-per-view wise.

No rhyme or reasons which technically should have been should have been my highest pay-per-view of the year. You never know what they’re going to do or what’s going on with each guy, but typically if you’re on WrestleMania, you’re looking forward to a pretty decent payday. Every talent should want to be a part of that no doubt.”

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