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WWE Star Dismisses Rumors Of Having Backstage Heat, AJ Styles Says Jinder Mahal Has Earned Everything In The WWE

Jinder Mahal Maharaja

• AJ Styles Says Jinder Mahal Has Earned Everything In The WWE

During a recent interview with India Today, current WWE Champion AJ Styles was asked about Jinder Mahal’s success in the company last year. Below is what AJ had to say about it:

“Jinder is doing great. He has everything that he has got here. Looks like a star, acts like a star. That’s why he is one. He is perfect for the WWE, perfect for India.

He is great and to see him be the star and come along is really cool. This business is really tough and Jinder went through some tough times in this business and now to see him where he is after all the hard work he has put in, he deserves everything and he has earned everything in the WWE.”

• WWE Star Dismisses Rumors Of Having Backstage Heat

We recently noted that Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported that former WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate has backstage heat in the WWE after he refused to work a main roster tour when contacted by WWE officials because he had other plans.

Below is what Meltzer said:

“Tyler Bate lost 4 matches this week. He went o and 4. He went from being the big guy that they were grooming for the UK for the future and he has fallen out of favor. He lost the title to Pete Dunne and there was a situation where they had a tour.

They, at the last minute, wanted to book him on a main roster tour I think. This was a long time ago but this was right before they put Pete Dunne over him. They called Bate late and he had made other plans and that’s what happened.”

It looks like Tyler has shot down these rumors by tweeting the following:

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