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WWE Star Is Disappointed He Wasn’t Used In The Royal Rumble

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• WWE Star Is Disappointed He Wasn’t Used In The Royal Rumble

Former United States Champion Cesaro is a regular part of SmackDown, but he still wasn’t used in the Men’s Royal Rumble 2022 match.

During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Cesaro was asked if he was disappointed by WWE’s decision to not put him in the 30-man match.

Below is what he said:

“Yes, I was. A lot of people would have liked to see me in the Rumble, and a lot of people would have liked to see me win. That would have put me on the next path of my journey.

I saw Big E say in an interview (last year) he’d like to see me win, and that was very nice. I appreciate the support of my colleagues, but unfortunately, that did not happen.

If you’re tuning in to SmackDown to watch me, you will get the top in-ring performance I can give. It’s exciting, it’s unpredictable and it’s fun.

I want people to see that every time I’m in the ring, and that consistency and quality is what sets me apart.”

Cesaro entered the main event scene last year, after he defeated Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 37, but he ended up losing to Roman Reigns in a Universal Championship match.

He’s currently in a Tag Team with Mansoor.

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• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (February 4, 2016) – ECW Veteran Passed Away

On this day in 2016, we lost Old School ECW Veteran Axl Rotten (Real name: Brian Knighton) at the age of 44 due to a heroin overdose.

Axl Rotten briefly appeared in Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling in 1991, but eventually became famous while wrestling for Paul Heyman’s Extreme Championship Wrestling from 1993 till 1999, most notably feuding with his kayfabe brother Ian Rotten and later teaming up with Balls Mahoney.

His last major appearances were at WWE’s ECW tribute show ‘ECW One Night Stand’ in 2005, as well as TNA’s ECW tribute show ‘TNA HardCore Justice’ in 2010.

† Rest In Peace Axl Rotten

April 21, 1971 – February 4, 2016

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