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WWE Star Responds To Another Fan Calling Him Bald, Karl Anderson Comments On Who’s Better – AJ Styles Or Kenny Omega?

Baron Corbin

• Karl Anderson Comments On Who’s Better – AJ Styles Or Kenny Omega?

During a recent edition of the Steve Austin Show podcast, WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin asked Raw wrestler Karl Anderson who he thinks is better between AJ Styles & Kenny Omega.

Below is their conversation about Omega and Styles:

Anderson: Kenny Omega has had a great rise. Kenny is a buddy of mine that got a great, great shove when he first jumped into the Bullet Club. Helped him out a lot. And it’s cool to see where he’s going now because he’s a great athlete man and I’ve had some good matches with him and it’s been cool. He’s a real creative different cat. He’s from Canada. Those Canadians are different cats.

It’s cool to see that rise, but it’s also cool to see Okada who’s a huge name. He was a young boy when I was there. He was in the dojo… you know… cooking my food and now he’s doing what he’s doing. And Yoshi-Hashi and Tanahashi and these guys, I became really good friends with. It’s cool to see where they’re at.

Austin: Goddamn I went to New Japan when they came over to Long Beach and Okada was working out there with Cody Rhodes. That calf crusher when Cody rolled him up, Okada went into super sell mode. He started selling his a$$ off and goddamn that crowd! He is a good-looking kid.

And he don’t do anything crazy. He is just solid as f*ck and he’s over.

Anderson: We had a couple really big matches. He just really gets it. Everything clicked with him. It’s cool to see where he is at. Good kid too.

Austin: I was so happy to see when AJ came to WWF. Here he came in for a cup of coffee, but then when he came back, I was like “man, this guy is gonna light it up if they give him a chance”. They gave him a chance and the motherf***er lightened it up.

And then when I watched the New Japan because all of sudden I started hearing, I don’t watch the New Japan product all the time. “Man you gotta see Omega match… you gotta see Omega match” and I’ve been here about Kenny Omega for a long time. So I watched. So I watched the Omega match, I was like – “Yeah, damn this kid is good”.

So who do you like better? I mean you’re close to both of them.

Anderson: Well, it was cool because I didn’t have a relationship with AJ at all when he came over. Finn Balor just signed with the WWE, so he was leaving. AJ came over, I didn’t know AJ. So I wasn’t sure what he’s gonna be like. I wasn’t sure if he was gonna wanna do the ‘Too Sweet’. That’s because he never knew where people were at with that. When we started doing that it was different.

At that point maybe we brought it back and made it kind of cool again and he just committed completely. He was great with us and in the ring I was blown away like how incredible he was especially it’s a different style over there as in like you had to do different things to get different reactions over there which will be different here. But he got it so quick, man.

AJ Styles, I’ve been saying it since first match I saw him wrestle in 2014 in Japan, he’s easily the best wrestler ever. He’s the best wrestler in the world at this moment.

If you ever get a chance to go back and watch couple of his matches he had in Japan… you think about people when you think back and watch some of their stuff you think “oh that offensive move was cool”.

With AJ, you can look back and think about, watch the way you sell stuff. He gets punched in the face and he falls over. I mean he’s unreal.

I don’t think when he first debuted in Japan, and I think he would attest to this, I don’t think people knew who he was because TNA wasn’t really…..you know….. it is what it is. I don’t think people knew exactly who he was.

So he was here in an uphill battle and he literally turned himself into a Japanese little wrestling legend just because he does that kind of stuff man.

• WWE Star Responds To Another Fan Calling Him Bald

Below is a Twitter exchange between former United States Champion Baron Corbin and a fan:

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