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WWE Super Show-Down (Live Coverage & Results) – Part 7

Roman Reigns WWE Super Show-Down

This is part 7 of our WWE Super Show-Down Live Coverage (part 6 is here).

Up next is a 6 man tag team match. The Dogs Of War (Braun Strowman and RAW Tag Team Champions Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler) make their way out first, followed by The Shield.

The Shield (Universal Champion Roman Reigns, Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose) make a long entrance through the crowd.

Shield surrounds their opponents in the ring and attacks them. They try to Triple Powerbomb Strowman through the announce table, but McIntyre & Ziggler stop that from happening.

Strowman is decimating Rollins in the ring and the crowd starts a ‘Get These Hands’ chants.

Strowman goes to the top rope and goes for a Splash, but misses and crashes! Rollins is now looking to tag in Ambrose. Rollins tags in Ambrose and Strowman tags in Ziggler.

Ambrose hits a Fallaway Slam on Ziggler. Ambrose hits a Face Buster on Ziggler and goes for the pin, but Ziggler kicks out.

Ambrose hits a Flying Elbow Drop on Ziggler from the top rope, but Ziggler counters and tries to pin Ambrose, but Ambrose kicks out.

Ziggler tags in McIntyre and Ambrose nails a Neck Breaker on McIntyre. Ambrose tags in Reigns to a big reaction and Reigns clotheslines McIntyre out of the ring and nails a Drive By on McIntyre. Reigns nails a DDT on Drew and goes for the cover, but Drew kicks out.

Reigns goes for a Superman Punch On McIntyre, McIntyre gets out of the ring and Reigns accidentally nails Ambrose with the Superman Punch!

The Dogs Of War have now surrounded Reigns & Rollins in the ring. Ambrose now climbs up the ring on the 4th side and everyone is wondering whose side Ambrose is.

Ambrose teases that he’s with The Dogs of War, but Ambrose immediately hits a Running Dropkick on Strowman.

The Shield are about to hit a Triple Powerbomb on McIntyre, but Strowman takes everybody down by colliding with them!

Strowman hits Reigns with a Shoulder Tackle on the outside and Reigns is almost sent flying into the crowd! Strowman does the same to Rollins.

Ziggler hits Ambrose with a Zig-Zag and goes for the cover, but Ambrose kicks out.

Strowman now goes for a Shoulder Tackle on Ambrose on the outside, but Reigns SPEARS Strowman out of nowhere through the barricade!!! A ‘Holy $hit’ chant begins.

Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds on Ziggler to pick up the win for his team!

The Shield (Universal Champion Roman Reigns, Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose) def. Dogs Of War (Braun Strowman, Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler)

After the match, Ambrose goes to help out Reigns and all three men are together now.

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