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WWE Superstar Taken To Hospital After Raw, Family Escorted Out of SmackDown Tapings Due To Incident Involving Roman Reigns & ‘N-Word’, Chris Jericho’s Retirement, Kane Returns, Lesnar Doing More WWE Live Events

Let us take a look at the top 8 stories of the hour from the world of Professional Wrestling:

8. X-Pac Wants WWE Superstars To Turn Down Bad Creative Ideas
WWF Veteran X-Pac was recently interviewed on WrestleTalk TV. X-Pac talked about turning down bad creative ideas during his career back in the day and wants the WWE Superstars to do the same thing. Below is what he said:

“Don’t get me wrong, there were times when I was selfish. I didn’t let anybody walk on me when I came back to WWF. I was more equipped to say ‘I’m not f**king doing that, that sucks.’ Guys need to start doing a little more of that. I might get heat for saying this, but they need to start saying that.”

X-Pac was last seen on WWE TV at WrestleMania 31 where he came out along with DX during Triple H vs. Sting match.

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