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WWE Survivor Series 2015 | Live Coverage & Results

WWE Survivor Series 2015 - Live Coverage & Results

Tonight’s 29th annual WWE Survivor Series 2015 takes place from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Giorgia. This show is themed as the 25th anniversary of The Undertaker in WWE!!

The 5 on 5 Traditional Survivor Series match is going to take place during the Kickoff show. WWF Veteran Goldust makes his return and is going to be in the match.

Kick-Off Match: Team Goldust (Goldust, Neville, Titus O’Neil and The Dudley Boyz) def. Team Stardust (The Cosmic Wasteland (Stardust and The Ascension, The Miz and Bo Dallas).

Roman Reigns gets a mixed reaction at the PPV. Del Rio has a solid game plan as he’s targetting Reigns’ shoulder.

Near-fall after near-fall for Del Rio. Reigns has no quit in him. Reigns hits Samoan Drop but Del Rio kicks out. Reigns had the following to say during the kick-off show: “I’m gonna make history…on my OWN! Believe that…”. 

Reigns hits a Superman punch! Roman goes for the spear but Del Rio connects with a superkick but Reigns kicks out. This was the same kick that put out Cena at Hell in a Cell 2015. Del Rio starts the “Si” chants. Reigns hits a big sit-down powerbomb but Del Rio kicks out again!

Reigns hits the spear for the win!!

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Semi-Final #1: Roman Reigns def. Alberto Del Rio

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