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WWE Veteran Retiring Because He Doesn’t Like The Way Wrestling Is Going

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• Curt Hawkins Comments On Fans Caring For Him Because Of His Losing Streak

During a recent interview with ESPN, RAW wrestler Curt Hawkins commented on his losing streak, WWE releasing him in 2014 and more.

Below are the highlights:

On his losing streak:

“I really have embraced it. I think that’s what’s made it work the way it has. At Live Events, we have a little more creative freedom and I do some more fun things. I’ve done a lot of fun things, just laying down on my back to sucker guys in for things, and moments like that that I feel like the crowd can get into and I get into and it winds up being a lot of fun. The bottom line is that the streak lets fans care about me winning or losing, whereas before when I was just Curt Hawkins and there was no streak, they didn’t care as much. Now I feel like when I’m out there people genuinely care if I win or lose or not, you know?”

On WWE releasing him in 2014:

“I think I proved to myself and everyone else that I was able to do this without the WWE — make a living and travel the world and be successful and stay relevant and things like that. Getting fired was, I always tell people, was one of the best things that probably ever happened to me. It was this unbelievable blessing in disguise. It’s something I feel had to happen, but I didn’t realize at the time that it had to happen.”

• WWE Veteran Retiring Because He Doesn’t Like The Way Wrestling Is Going

Former WWE wrestler Gene Snitsky announced on Instagram that he’ll be retiring from in-ring competition soon because he has lost his love of wrestling over the years and doesn’t like the way wrestling is going.

Below is what he posted on Instagram:

“Only gonna do a few more shows!!!!! I’ve decided to move on and focus more on other things like carianneb1 for instance…. And of course weight training and appearances just no more in ring competition lol…..

I’ve been losing the love over the last few yrs and honestly don’t like the way wrestling is going….. Just wanna thank all my fans…. for without you there would never have been a SNITSKY!!!! I truly love my fans and always will…… Thx for taking the time to watch me perform it means the world to me!!!!!”

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