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WWE Wants Alberto Del Rio Back, Paul Heyman on How Scripted His Promos Are

– According to PWInsider, WWE wants Alberto Del Rio back due to the lack of hispanic stars in the company. As we have noted before here on, lack of top hispanic stars forced WWE to book The Undertaker for their Mexico tour this month.

Lucha Underground producer recently noted that Alberto El Patron (current name) will be working Lucha Underground Season 2, but Alberto denied that claim. This could be an indication that he might be in talks with WWE.

– During a recent interview on SI Media Podcast, Paul Heyman revealed how scripted his promos are. Below is what he said:
“What is being promoted is written for me, in the sense of ‘this is the subject matter you’re talking about.’ Always. What are we promoting here today? We have the Brock Lesnar ‘Go To Hell Tour.’ Am I promoting Brock’s theory of tonight? Yes or no? Am I mentioning the Stone Cold Podcast? Yes or no? I know we’re pushing his Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar. Am I pushing that this all leads to WrestleMania? Yes or no? What am I promoting here?”

Heyman also talks about how the WWE writing team doesn’t bother him about his promos and what he’s going to deliver. Below is what he said:
“They learned to stop asking me to do this. What’s your first line? What’s your second line? What’s your third line? What’s your fourth line?…If you’re looking for me to go 1-2-3-4-5, you’re not letting me to feel the live crowd, and you’re asking me to be pigeonhole myself into memorizing a script, and it will not work. I like to interact with the audience.”

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