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WWE Wants To Make Kevin Owens The Next Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin WWF Champion


On this day in 1992, the New York based NAWA North American Wrestling Alliance aired an episode of their short-lived weekly TV Show on Sports Channel America.

The card of the show was:

1. Jimmy Starr vs. Rochester Roadblock

2. The Power Twins vs. The Towers of Pain

3. Americas Most Wanted vs. S.D. Jones & Mr Haiti

4. The Brooklyn Brawler vs. The Intruder

5. Tony Atlas vs. Paul Perez

6. The Tazmaniac (Taz) vs. El Diablo

• WWE Wants To Make Kevin Owens The Next Stone Cold Steve Austin

Former Universal Champion Kevin Owens is a babyface now and he dropped a ‘pipe bomb’ on Shane McMahon on this week’s episode of SmackDown Live.

Owens complained about how much TV time Shane O’Mac gets, while wrestlers like Ali, Buddy Murphy, Asuka & Liv Morgan don’t get a chance to perform on TV.

You can watch Owens’ promo below:

According to the Wrestling Observer, Owens was always supposed to be a babyface when he returned earlier this year. However, WWE needed a strong heel for WWE Champion Kofi Kingston after WrestleMania 35, so they had to change their plans.

With WWE back on track with their original plan for Owens, WWE officials want to make Owens the next “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, where they’re trying to portray Owens as the bada$$ going up against The McMahons.

Also, Owens uses the Stunner nowadays, so there you go.

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