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WWE Was Right Not To Turn John Cena Heel, Says Major Star

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Below are some top news stories of the day, involving John Cena and Eric Bischoff.

• During an interview on the Cheap Heat podcast, Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes compared his current role to that of John Cena and said WWE made the right decision by not turning Cena heel.

Here’s what The American Nightmare said:

“I think minimally about [turning heel]. And I could… you never say never. John (Cena)’s never happened, and I think rightfully so. I think what we got there, we look back at now and realize [it was right not to turn him heel].

I think what we got there, we look back at now and realize, I was just watching him vs. Umaga the other day, you see the magic of what John was able to do.”

WATCH: Brandi Rhodes (Cody Rhodes’ Wife) Shows Her Hot Buns In AEW:

• In the main event of last night’s AEW Rampage, Willow Nightingale defeated Skye Blue in a Manitoba Massacre to retain the TBS Women’s Championship.

During the match, a weak chair shot was caught on camera. You can watch it below:

Former WCW President Eric Bischoff mocked this chair shot by tweeting the following:

“Yikes. Nothing like killing a ‘branding statement’ on live TV in front of million… well, whatever, of fans around the country in primetime.

Hey Dave Meltzer! Give us your star rating and editorial!”

For those who don’t know, Tony Khan recently revealed the following to be All Elite Wrestling’s brand statement:

“AEW: Where The Best Wrestle.”

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