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WWE Working On More Plans For The Undertaker (Reason)

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• WWE Working On More Plans For The Undertaker (Reason)

Even after retiring from in-ring competition at Survivor Series 2020, The Undertaker’s popularity with the wrestling fans remains at an all-time high.

While he doesn’t wrestle or appear in non-wrestling roles on WWE programming anymore, he does his 1 deadMAN SHOWs during WWE’s PPV weekends and tickets for these events are selling like crazy!

Undertaker was scheduled to do one of these shows in the UK this weekend before Clash At The Castle, and the ticket demand was so high that WWE scheduled another show for The Deadman, which sold out as well.

According to PWInsider, WWE is working on more ideas for The Undertake:

“You can expect a lot of future similar events and that the company has been working to come up with additional ways to utilize The Undertaker going forward post-retirement.

We are told that out of all of the personalities that have moved on from a full-time career who remain a big part of the company’s licensing and marketing as a character, Undertaker is far above and beyond everyone else when it comes to engagement and popularity at this point in time.

So they are continuing to develop additional ideas to tap into and play off that evergreen love for The Undertaker persona.”

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• Old School WWF Legend Would Have Celebrated His Birthday

Today would have been the 61st birthday of Old School WWF Legend “The Beast from the East” Bam Bam Bigelow (Real name: Scott Bigelow).

The 400 lbs Legend used to move like a cruiserweight in the ring, including drop kicks, moonsaults, cart wheels and his finisher the diving headbutt.

Him and Big Van Vader who had similar bodies and moved around in a pretty similar way, are both considered THE single greatest ‘Big Men’ (chubby super-heavyweights) in professional wrestling history.

Bam Bam passed away in 2007 and has yet to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, which is only a question of “when”, not “if”.


September 1, 1961 – January 19, 2007

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