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WWE Wrestler Suspended For “Grabbing & Pulling” Vince McMahon, WWE Superstar Suffers 1st Official Loss In WWE (Spoiler), Jerry Lawler Explains New Heel Character on SmackDown

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7. When Will The Next Edition of Stone Cold Podcast Air on the WWE Network?
The next edition of the Stone Cold Podcast is scheduled to air after next week’s Raw. Big Show will be the special guest and the podcast will air live.

6. CM Punk’s Tweet Regarding Daniel Bryan’s Retirement

Below is what former WWE Champion CM Punk tweeted regarding Daniel Bryan’s retirement from Professional Wrestling:

5. Titus O’Neil Suspended For “Grabbing & Pulling” Vince McMahon

WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil has been suspended for 90 days due to unprofessional conduct.

The incident took place after WWE Raw went off the air and the Daniel Bryan retirement ceremony was about to end on the WWE Network live stream. Vince McMahon was on his way backstage when he was “grabbed & pulled” by Titus O’Neil, which looked to be in a friendly manner. However, the boss wasn’t pleased and he pushed Titus away for this.

When Titus arrived for the SmackDown tapings the next night, he was suspended and sent home.

Update: It is now being reported that the suspension might be reduced to 60 days.

Below is the footage of the incident:

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